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Appendix no. 3 to the Multino Terms of Service


The Cookie Policy supplements the Privacy Policy with respect to the processing of data recorded and stored through cookies or similar technologies (collectively referred to as “cookies”). Cookies are digital data, in particular text files, stored on the User’s device and intended to facilitate the use of websites, to improve the browsing experience and to increase the relevance of the content provided on websites by coordinating this with the User’s interests and preferences.


We use cookies of the following categories:

— Due to their purpose: required cookies, necessary to ensure the proper operation of the Website, e.g. maintain a session without having to re-authenticate on each subsequent page; performance or analytic cookies, which help to collect the information on the manner the website pages are used and to create statistics to improve the structure and content of the website; functional cookies, used to customize the Website to the User’s preferences and to optimize its functionalities; marketing cookies, which help to provide Users with the advertising content tailored to their interests.

— Due to their lifecycle: session cookies, stored until leaving the website, e.g. by accessing another website, logging out or closing the web browser, and persistent cookies, stored on the User’s device for the time specified in their parameters or until the User deletes them.

— Due to their original web domain: first-party cookies, generated by the Operator, and third-party cookies, generated by entities other than the Operator.


The Operator places cookies on the User’s device and obtains access to them. The User’s device may also store cookies from other entities, because the Website enables Users to directly access other websites or use features integrated with applications and systems of other suppliers, such as Facebook or Google. The Operator has no influence on the Privacy Policy applied by other entities. Therefore, for security reasons, before using the resources of other websites, please read the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy applicable there, or contact the website administrator for more information.


The following information can be collected: User’s device data (including device ID, MAC address, IP address, operating system, user settings, such as language, display resolution, etc.), information about visiting the website (including pages visited by the User, frequency and duration of the User’s stay, etc.), User’s location data (with the consent of the User), information about the advertisements viewed or clicked by the User, etc. The information contained in cookies may be disclosed to the Operator’s partners and the entities cooperating with the Operator, including personnel authorized to administer the server, and if necessary also to the entities authorized to obtain such data on the basis of applicable laws, including law-enforcement agencies.


Users can change their cookie settings at any time; in particular, they can block the automatic handling of cookies or display a warning before saving them on their device. Detailed information on how to handle cookies is available in the web browser settings. Please note that the restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some website functionalities or, in extreme cases, may prevent the use of websites. Leaving these settings unchanged means granting consent to the use of cookies.


Below are links to information on how to change cookie settings in the most popular web browsers.

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More information about cookies is available at


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